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In Ephesians 1:3 (KJBT), the Apostle Paul declares that God "has blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ." These spiritual blessings are given to Christians for living in this present world. They provide the clarity which is necessary to deal with the chaos created by sin's curse. God's blessings are necessary in directing believers' thinking in order that they may live each day with a biblical worldview. These spiritual blessings are a constant source of enlightenment and encouragement. They are a rock of stability in the midst of the shifting sands of humanistic philosophy. They are a defense against the constant attacks and schemes of the evil one.
In over fifty years of being involved in various ministries, I have observed that many Christians have little understanding of all the blessings that God has given to them in Christ. This book will help believers understand all that God has given to them in Christ.
Spiritual Blessings from your Heavenly Father may be used in devotional reading for personal Christian growth. It can also be used for small group Bible study or for the entire church. Successful Christian lives must be based on an understanding of biblical truths and how they are applied daily. Christian living must be guided by a clear understanding of the Word of God.
Our Heavenly Father has given believers many spiritual blessings revealed in the Scripture. Volume one of Spiritual Blessings from your Heavenly Father explains the first twelve blessings the Heavenly Father provides for His children.

James G. Cox, Author

Table of Contents:

  7     Redemption
21     Forgiveness
27     Holy and Without Blame
33     Adoption
39     Accepted
45     An Inheritance
53     Sealed with the Holy Spirit
61     Enlightened
67     Empowered
73     Made Alive Spiritually
79     God's Workmanship
​87​     Made Near


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