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​This booklet was originally published in 1962 under the title “Six Steps to Successful Christian Living”. It was originally written to put a brief summary of foundational truths in the hands of new Believers by Rev. Bobby Jackson.  Rev. Jackson wanted to help those who were saved under his preaching to get started right and to stay on the right path.

Bobby Jackson was born in a shotgun row house in the Five Points section of Wilson, NC on December 14, 1931.  He grew up in Wayne County, North Carolina, the son of a sharecropper. After his conversion in 1949, he began preaching in 1950. Since he entered the ministry of evangelism full time in 1955, he has conducted over 2,000 meetings and preached in over 15,000 services.

​When I became a Believer in 1964 someone gave me one of the original “Six Step” booklets. It was a tremendous blessing in the beginning of my life as a Believer, and really helped me get started right. I knew nothing about the Bible when I became a Believer and it gave me the basics in a clear, concise format.  My hope is that this booklet will be as great a blessing to you as it was to me.

James G. Cox, Editor

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Table of Contents:

  1       Step 1:  Know that You Are Saved
  6       Step 2:  Walk in God’s Truth
10.      Step 3:  Live a Separated Life
18       Step 4:  Practice Prayer Regularly
21       Step 5:  Be a Faithful Witness
24       Step 6:  Love the Church
​28       And Finally

Six Steps To Living Successfully As A Believer

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