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The world around us seems more confusing and chaotic than ever.  We have questions about our lives: meaning, purpose, and satisfaction. We search for answers. Our worldview is our belief about God, ourselves, and the world around us. In the middle of the chaos, we attempt to make sense of life.  

Life's Inescapable Questions are more than the philosophical questions in the classroom. These questions are an internal dialogue as we attempt to answer the questions of our existence such as: Who Am I?  Why Am I Here?  Where Am I Going? and How should I live?  How we answer these straightforward questions shapes our view of God and ourselves. From this, we determine our identity along with the purpose and meaning of life and how we are to live it out. It sets the direction and destiny of our lives.

Amazingly, answers to these basic questions are found in the ancient source of wisdom—the Bible.  Once you begin understanding the principles of the Bible, the personal meaning of life becomes clearer. You will discover that truth is knowable and corresponds to reality. Human history is going somewhere meaningful. God has a purpose for your existence in His plan. God loves you and has provided a way that you can have a personal relationship with Him. He wants you to know peace and purpose in your life.

This book draws inspiration from the study of philosophy and theology, and the passion rekindled as a pastor, teaching the Worldviews Class where I serve.   It is written as an entry-level worldview discussion and primer suitable for a college ministry grappling with the major issues that set the direction of their lives.  Hopefully, this worldview primer will give you the foundations for a biblical understanding of God, yourself, and others. Some may discover the deep satisfaction of a relationship with Christ, and living for Him.  A few people may be drawn to explore more deeply Life's Inescapable Questions and a biblical worldview.  To whatever end I pray that all are drawn to the Creator's purpose for them.   

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