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Have you ever wondered why the world is so broken?  Where is God among the fragmented pieces of life?   What are God's answers to ordinary people, who have been gathered from the broken world to become a redeemed grace-filled community?

The Apostle Paul addressed this when writing to people living in First Century Ephesus who had gathered to worship and adore Jesus Christ their Savior and Messiah. This monumental letter is packed with theological and doctrinal truth that mends people at the core of their humanity. By His grace, Christ had saved each one of them and gathered them into a new community of faith.

These grace-gathered ones are called to imitate the love and grace of their Heavenly Father to whom they now belong. As His children, they are to be growing in their understanding of their new life in Christ. In Christ, there is a depth of satisfying love that not only mends their hearts but also produces love for those around them who are still broken.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, this Grace Gathering carries forth the Good News of eternal life in and among the battered and broken. The new life that Christ gives is lived out at the core of life’s relationships in the midst of life’s deepest trials. God answers the question of suffering through the broken who have been recipients of such healing grace. They are not satisfied unless they are growing in and sharing the grace of Christ’s redeeming love with others.

As long as the world is broken, the Grace Gathering is relevant because of its hope-filled message of life in Christ. God calls all people to this new life in Christ to be a part of this grace-gathered community. Those who answer the call display Christ’s grace, truth, and love to the broken world. The Grace Gathering is the very Body of Christ beaming His light into a dark and broken world.

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