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This is a social, intellectual, and spiritual autobiography of an average man who grew up in the American Midwest (Wisconsin) of a middle-class family, in the middle of the Twentieth Century.

It details his Ancestry and Childhood, Education, and Career, in an era that is largely gone. The good and the bad aspects of that past culture are discussed.

Despite a modest background and academic career at a small college in a remote area, Sheldon shows the many blessings of his life, including being a Visiting Scholar at Oxford University; The University of Vienna, Austria; Moscow University; Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland; Istanbul; and Australia.

As an ordained Christian minister, he is known for his novel What Would Jesus Do? as well as ten other books on Political Theory, Early American Politics and Religion, Political Theology, and Law.

The author was an advisor to the White House and a delegate to The American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conference in Washington, D.C.

Besides his life story, Dr. Sheldon shares his views on Friendship, Family, Health, Sports, Entertainment, and even Animals, Clothes, Leadership, Retirement, and Death.

Most of all, he hopes this Memoir will show his Faith and Humor to cheer and comfort this sad world.

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